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 How to Roleplay (Must Read)

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PostSubject: How to Roleplay (Must Read)   Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:15 pm

What Is Roleplaying?

Here are some guidelines on how to roleplay. First, let's ask a simple question- what is roleplaying? Roleplaying is acting as a character, in existence or made up, and interact with other characters. In this case, the character is either a character from the American TV Series, True Blood or a made-up character. Please PM if you want to be a real character from the show.

Now, I'll teach you how to roleplay. Basically, when you're roleplaying, you should imagine you're writing the final draft of a story that's about to be published. When your character, or another character, is talking, it should be in quotations. Using correct spelling and grammar is a must. And you should be writing like you're writing a novel, too: your character is the first person narrator. For example, I might say, in a post:

Damon wrote:
Quote :
"Hey, baby brother." I said, as I stepped into Stefan's room. "What's know with you?" I basically asked. Don't blame me. When it comes to socializing with people I can't stand...I'm not the BEST.

And then he might say:

Stefan wrote:
Quote :
I finally woke up from the best slumber in a while. I was still tired but I had school, weird huh? A 164 year old school. I found a tanktop and slid it onto my body. As soon as I heard a tiny creak on the stairs, I turned around. It was Damon. After some small talk, I knew he didn't give shit about mean. "How am I, or how's Elena?" I asked.


Something you shouldn't do is powerplaying.Powerplaying is when you take control of another character. This can be very aggravating, especially if the person does something annoying. For example:

Stefan wrote:
Quote :
I turned around and saw Damon. "How am I, or how's Elena?" I asked. He picked up a mirror and smirked. "I look good today!" He said.

Out of Character:

There's no way to tell whether you're adding something to your post that's out of character, so the inventors of the online roleplay made up Out Of Character, or OOC. You can use OOC to suggest what to do to the other person, to comment on something, or basically anything. Here's an example of a roleplay with OOC:

Steve wrote:
Quote :
OOC: Trys to stake, but misses.

And then she might say:

Damon wrote:
Quote :
OOC: Okay! Well I wonder where this is leading? [:
BIC: I got mad. I grab the stake and threw it about a mile away. "Really?" I asked as if I cared, "Well, I don't give a rat's ass." I said, finally sounding like myself again.

As, you can probably figure out, BIC means back in character.

Double Posting:

One thing I don't like is double-posting. Or triple-, quadruple-, googolplex-posting, whatever. When you do multiple posts without anyone else posting, it looks really sloppy and bad. So don't multiple-post. Just don't do it.

Length of Posts:

I also hate it when people do really short posts, like:

Damon wrote:
Quote :
I got mad.

Damon wrote:
Quote :
I punched Stefan.

Damon wrote:
Quote :
I injected him with vervain so he couldn't fight back.

And so on... and it gets quite boring to read. Please put some effort into your posts; if you're going to post like that, combine it all into one post. I'm not saying your post has to be lecture-long, just make it interesting to read.

I hope you have an enjoyable time roleplaying! Any questions? Post them below!

(BTW, Damon and Stefan are from a different television show, The Vampire Diaries)
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How to Roleplay (Must Read)
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