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 Bill Compton

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Bill Compton

Bill Compton

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PostSubject: Bill Compton   Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:58 pm

Name: William "Bill" Thomas Compton
Caroline Compton-Wife (deceased)
Thomas Compton-Son (deceased)
Sarah Compton-Daughter (deceased)
Caroline Bellefleur- Great-great granddaughter in-law
Portia Bellefleur- Great-great-great-great granddaughter
Andy Bellefleur- Great-great-great-great grandson
Terry Bellefleur- Great-great-great-great grandson
Lorena Krasiki - Maker (detroyed)
Jessica Hamby - Progeny

Birth/Family History: In the book series, Bill was born on April 9, 1840. He lived in Bon Temps, Louisiana, and fought for the South during the Civil War. He was a married farmer with three children (there is inconsistency in the storyline, with Bill telling Sookie that he had five living children with his wife in Dead Until Dark). On November 20, 1868, some years after the war, he was made a vampire by Lorena, with whom he had a long and stormy relationship. Later in the book series, Bill discovers that he is related to the Bellefleur family in Bon Temps and secretly provides them with funds to aid in the repair of their ancestral home. The Bellefleurs, who do not know he is the source of the income, dislike him, though he briefly assisted Portia Bellefleur during her murder investigation in Living Dead in Dallas.

In "Living Dead in Dallas" Bill's middle name is given as Thomas, rather than Erasmus.

Relationships: Sookie Stackhouse, Lorena Ball, Selah Pumfrey, Judith Vardamon, Caroline Compton.

History (Human): Bill lived in the town of Bon Temps with his wife and two children when the Civil War began. In 1860, he went off to serve as First Lieutenant in the 28th Louisiana Infantry. After the war, Bill took a shortcut on his way home and got lost. Weak and without food, he found a cabin in which a vampire posing as a widow gave him aid. The vampire decided to turn him into a vampire, instead of solely feeding on him and killing him.

History (Vampire): In the '20s he traveled with Lorena. In the 60's he was the Queen's procurer. In the 80's, he learned that Louis Pasteur was trying to make an alternate source of food for vampires.

Bill moved back to the Compton house in Bon Temps following the death of the last living Compton, Jesse Compton. Going out to Merlotte's one night, Bill met Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress there, and was enchanted at first sight.

[I know all the history but it would take way too long to write.]

Bill becomes king in season 4.

Bill was initially shown to be a humane and compassionate vampire who kept his humanity, he says he doesn't kill to feed but glamours them. Recently however, a dark side to Bill has been shown as he is shown to be ruthless, traitorous and a opportunist, an example would be when he purposefully let Sookie be beaten nearly to death so he could bind her to him with his blood, he betrayed Eric and a few others and he was ruthless as the king, as he mercilessly sentenced a vampire to death after said vampire was tricked into being filmed however he is not without a soft side, being gentle with his progeny. In his past, Bill was a very savage vampire and killed many with his Sire Lorena though he later regretted his actions while with her.

RP example:
I leaned back in the chair, my eyes wandering around the newly 'inherited' room. My brain was still wrapping around the fact that I was in fact king. King of Louisiana that is.
The room was perfectly decorated, gold practically everywhere.
"I can get used to this," I said to myself with a smirk.
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PostSubject: Re: Bill Compton   Sat Feb 25, 2012 6:00 pm

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Bon Temps

(Come on Stefannnn lol soooooo much)
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Bill Compton
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